Thursday, June 2, 2011

bye bye bhs

Happy graduation to my brother and cousin! This was the last graduation for the Webbers at Brentwood High School. and goodness gracious has that school brought us each some incredible, unique, and unforgettable memories. thanks for handling our crew bwood high. god bless go bruins.

i am sure a proud sister.. love you both:)

holla BMOTY (aka best month of the year)

it is JUNE. and i love JUNE. but lets be honest for a second lovers.. JUNE is the best month. why you might ask? actually no you probably aren't even asking you are all probably just agreeing (yes all 500,685 of you daily readers of my blog). It doesn't need any defending its just kind of a well known fact that people like JUNE. am i right? before you respond.. let me give you a few of my personal reasons for adulating this gorgeous month.

a. june=summer. may is kinda borderline but once you hit june u know its all about the swim suits and the barbcues and the sunglasses and the summer flings and the late night star gazing and the sonic runs and sunburns and short shorts and dance parties and windows down and porsche drives and (every thirteen yrs) the cicadas (which by the way don't even ruin my month at all.. i kinda love the sweet chirping of the million cicadas.. i feel like it compares in smoothness to the constant crash of cali waves..reaching i know but come on its only every thirteen years we gotta find a way to love it) and well when its summer life is good.. people are happy so june=summer=happy.

b. june=great birthday month. okay maybe im a little bit partial. i do share a birthday on the ides of this great month. but seriously lets talk about this.. ever heard of Heidi Klum, Ice Cube, Anne Frank, Sasha Obama, Michael J Fox, Kayne West, Prince, Marilyn Monroe....yep all june birthdays. thasswassup yall.

c. june=flag day. yes maybe a forgotten holiday, but a holiday none the less. and a great one to surprise the family with....nothing better than an unexpected holiday being celebrated. GO FLAG DAY.

d. june=vacations. for you.. not for me this year.. but for you probably it means vacations. and i begrudge you all for it (ah to be a student again).

e. june=half way thru the year. what a great time to assess whats gone on the past 6 months and to anticipate whats next in the year.

well there you have it summer lovers. case closed..its a great month. may it linger.


Monday, May 23, 2011

oh byu

wish i had a dime for everytime i had this conversation.

new guy: so are you done with school? where did you go?

me: ya, I went to BYU

new guy: what? four years at BYU and you aren't married????

me: yep. I must be crazy huh?

hahah gotta love it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy monday

months ago i racked my brain for a fresh, new, different and slightly challenging new years resolution. my notional response to this seeking landed me on the brilliant idea to write each day something that i was grateful for. yearning to actually check a mark on this new years resolution at the closing of 2011 (and knowing my irregular sleep pattern when a party or boy or phone call pops up) i settled to commit to 300 days of "i am grateful fors" out of the 365 in the year.

i am getting close to day 150 now. can i tell you that it is truly incredible how many wonders there are to be grateful for when you become cognitively aware of them. half way into my goal and i have not yet had a repeat. i have not even had a night where my mind is hesitant to find anything to fill that empty page. sure there have been bad days..days where i want to be mad or sad or just plain give up...but when i take a moment to just think or remember or open my mind up a little bit more with pen in hand, i have found that even in the worst of moods we can find reason to feel blessed.

so there you have it. i can't believe its
may already. but i am grateful to say that it has been an incredible year. partly because of the circumstances that have occurred in my life lately, but also because i have been able to be more aware this year of what I have been blessed with. so lovers and friends.. tonight i am grateful for power of writing. and its way of bringing us to a remembrance.

peace to my neice in greece. love you all.


(an actually entry in my journal "i am grateful for naps...." and these boys do it well!)

(also grateful for this girl.. who couldn't love her??)

(grateful clay has a cute chin-not a real journal entry)

(grateful for these girls too.. they got me thru 13.1 miles..must be true friends:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just sayin..

so the wonderful part about being a single working girl at my age is that within only a few months span you can run off (always on a whim) to the hills of NC, the mountains of Utah, the streets of NYC, nashville shopping trip with bff's from idaho, back to Utah if necessary (although hindsight proves reruns might be considered a waste), the beaches in florida, the mall of america in Minneapolis, a braves game in Atlanta, back to minneapolis and oh yah insert a few dance clubs and music shows in nashvegas. so please... friends. brothers. mothers. fathers. sisters. cousins. aunts. uncles. boys that live at my house that are not related to me. ward members. random men that pop in and out of my life. bulldogs. teachers. trainers. macy and spike kissong. and all others that pass thru my day and may be subject to a moment of the brooke whine.. remind me of my wonderful amazing life that will only be experienced at this time in my life.. and then give me a big kick in the pants. and we can go back to talking about the weather or something. loves to all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

love this song.

comeon comeon. you have got to move on.
this is not the you i know.
this isn't real. its just all you can feel.
its the way that feelings go.
so whether or not its right or wrong
you'll do what you will do.

when the cloud in the skies.
starts to pour and your life
is just a storm you're braving.
well don't tell youself.
you can't lean on someone else.
cause we all need saving sometimes.

say what you will.
but the time that we fill.
while we are on this earth.
should not be alone.
we are meant to be known.
you make me what i'm worth.
but i cant keep you from yourself
you'll do what you will do.
when the cloud in the skies.
starts to pour and your life
is just a storm you're braving.
well don't tell youself.
you can't lean on someone else.
cause we all need saving sometimes.

i dont know why it has to be this way
and i dont know the cure.
but please believe that someone else has felt this way before.

when the cloud in the skies.
starts to pour and your life
is just a storm you're braving.
well don't tell youself.
you can't lean on someone else.
cause we all need saving sometimes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just wonderin?

how many times does it take. to get it right.